Dem Rep Who Said Guam Might Sink Claims GOP Budget Could Lead to Violence Like in Baltimore

A piece of you wants to see loons like Rep Hank Johnson run out of Congress but another wants to see politicians like him kept around for the pure entertainment. Johnson is the model dem actually, with no facts to ever back up anything he says. This is a problem all progressives seem to suffer from where they just run their mouths saying some of the most outlandish things possible because no one will ever hold them accountable. From Guam sinking, imagining a world without balloons, to it being open season on blacks and now the GOP budget could lead to violence Johnson never disappoints with his idiotic radical rhetoric.

BUT let’s take Hank at his word for the moment, why would there be violence? Is it because the republicans will reign in the out of control spending the democrats and obama created? Will their budget pull the plug on programs and all the free stuff (aka taxpayer-funded) dems have been handing out to their drones in exchange for votes to stay in power? There isn’t going to be any violence like in Baltimore if a budget gets through but Johnson’s claim has some validity since the dems have made millions of Americans so dependent on govt handouts!

For 6 years the dems and obama have made our economic situation worse. The number of Americans out of work and on some form of govt assistance has hit record levels. Dems have in fact created the environment for there to be violence if the flow of free stuff is cut off. There are so many living in poverty depending on the “free” stuff and money from govt it is not unimaginable for some violence to break out if the money was cut off!

So while you want to blast and mock Johnson for his crazy rhetoric he might be right for once! The damage is done, we’ve passed all the exits to avoid chaos. We are going to have to go through that dark tunnel.