Rep Gutierrez Urges Green Card Holders to Become Citizens Vote Against Trump, ‘Bullies and Bigots’

Rep Luis Gutierrez wants green card holders to become citizens and vote in favor of democrats against those who speak the truth like Donald Trump. It’s shocking that for once Luis didn’t use his time on the People’s House floor to advise illegals how to buck the system like he normally does! But this should be alarming to all Americans where a US Congressman can issue a call to arms to sway an election. Keep in mind those he preaches to would normally vote democrat but is he suggesting they earn voting rights to sabotage republican primary election results? This just goes to show you how far democrats will go to win. Those immigrants who followed the rules to become citizens should dismiss Luis divisive words. They should know first hand how difficult it is to come here and get ahead. Why would anyone who paid their dues want to enable a party responsible for more or less treating them like slaves?

This little SOB Gutierrez has been fully engaged in lending aid to illegal aliens. Under the General Penalty Provisions of the US Code one could argue Luis has committed a felony. That said is there anyone in law enforcement willing to examine the code to see if charges can be filed against this certified socialist?

Is there anyone willing to use the other side of the “broken immigration law” to go after the very people responsible for breaking it since aiding and abetting illegal aliens is a felony?!
US Code 8 1327 Aiding aliens