Dem Senator Promises ‘Change is Going to Happen’ on Gun Control

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy is calling for Congressional action to curb gun violence pushing anti-gun lobby talking points mainly universal background checks. First off background checks are already performed during a gun purchase from a licensed dealer be it at a brick and mortar shop, online retailer AND at a gun show. The only time that does not happen is between private parties; the infamous “gun show loophole”, but it can happen anywhere again between private parties.

If you want to buy/ sell or transfer a gun from a friend, neighbor, acquaintance, family member etc dems want background checks run. That’s right if your grandfather wants to give you his gun or you want to buy your brothers gun they want a background check run! This will not stop a maniac from killing people.

There are thousands of gun laws on the books not being enforced, just like immigration law. On almost all of the recent high-profile mass killings there were plenty of warning signs and agencies who FAILED to follow the law to stop the killers. Enter the calls for a universal background check, which is really coded language for universal registration.

Dems know there are no laws to stop the insane. So they have to build a bridge with additional legislation to get them to universal registration. Ann Coulter said it perfectly “universal registration means universal confiscation – universal extermination. That’s how it goes in history do not fall for “universal background checks”!” That is it folks that’s all dems like Murphy to obama and Clinton want with their calls to take action. And now they have the wind on their back after the on-air execution of Alison Parker and Adam Ward. Parker’s father is vowing to make something happen, he is what the dems have been waiting for!