Sheriff Clarke: It’s Open Season Right Now on Police

Sheriff Clarke held nothing back with Judge Jeanine saying how pissed off he is over the war that has been waged against police in the US. No doubt this open season on cops is because of the Black Lives Matter crowd but especially “high-profile people, one [obama] of them coming out of the White House and one [Holder] coming out of the United States Department of Justice”. But lets not forget all the progressive enablers, monsters like Sharpton and the rest of the race hustling industry.

For the record no one in the obama regime has spoken out about the police officers who are being assassinated across the US. Black on white crime is not even being acknowledged, but God forbid if a white person (cop or not) shoots a black person all hell will break loose, followed by his majesty taking to the airwaves to point the finger of blame at whites.

Clarke is asking for the American people to stand up to these thugs, racists IMO who are trying to start a race war in the US. When these groups and individuals show up in your community trying to advance their divisive agenda you need to put down the smart-phone and tell them to get the hell out! The silent majority needs to get out of its self-induced coma and start fighting back!