Judge Napolitano: Hillary’s Legal Problems ‘Worse Than Grave’

More news came out suggesting Clinton or her aides removed markings from her govt emails that indicate they are top secret and classified. Judge Napolitano’s theory is sound (talking about Clinton-Blumenthal relationship without naming names) that someone was tampering with the emails to cover for Hillary.

As stated before there is no limit the Clinton’s will go to protect themselves while usurping the law. They, like all elites, have their own set of rules/ laws to go by because they can. No one ever challenges the Clinton’s for fear of repercussions from their political and money machine. We have our elected leaders and law enforcement frankly to thank for this precedent they helped set.

With Hillary’s legal problems being “worse than grave”, as the Judge puts it, you can be sure someone will take the fall so she can go on and run the country. When that happens it will be one more example of how corrupt and lawless this govt has become proving elites live by a separate set of rules.

This nation needs a complete reset…..