Sen Reid Calls on Boehner to Pass Budget, Debt Ceiling Measures

This just goes to show you how screwed up DC is. Here we have the Senate MINORITY LEADER still acting like Majority Leader/ obama’s HENCHMAN dictating what he wants out of the House. With Boehner on his way out there is nothing keeping him from hiding who he is so now you will see things happen.. you won’t be happy though!

Now to make matters worse, but no surprise, Dingy Reid continues to blame the republicans for all the debt, budget etc problems. This SOB seems to have forgotten the super-majority progressive dems held for almost 3 years where they failed to pass a budget yet passed some of the worst legislation in US history that is directly responsible for our mountain of debt now.

Go ahead shut it down! Shut the G-Damn govt down we’ll all still be here and life will go on. America do not fall for the lies and fear-mongering from the left of a govt shutdown. The American people could use a break from all these imbeciles ruining our lives!

To those of you in brass (active/ retired) what are you waiting for?