Judge Pirro Blasts Obama: You’ve Proven You’re Not Capable of Protecting Us

As expected Judge Pirro went off on obama for his lax attitude in dealing with the threat of ISIS. He shows more anger towards Americans and politicians against refugees being brought to the US, who cannot be vetted, than the terrorists trying to kill us all.

Pirro has obama dead to rights for the disdain, mocking, talking down and division he has caused in the country. He’s busy stoking the flames of racism while turning a blind-eye towards the threats ISIS poses to the US after all these attacks in Paris, Lebanon, Mali and the Russian airliner.

The Judge cited the Preamble that govts first obligation is to protect citizens but obama trivializes his duty to protect the nation. If this were any other country the president would have been impeached or removed by now. Instead we have a crybully in power who, has removed anyone in the military and govt that would ever oppose him, panders to our enemies around the world.

The terrorists are hiding among the refugees infiltrating every single nation that accepts them. They should not be permitted into the US the risk is far too high. It’s bad enough obama has left the border open (inviting illegal aliens) but now as Pirro argues he is using similar political tactics to bring the refugees to the US.

This country is going to get hit and hit hard. When Pirro calls obama out for defending islam that is an indictment of what many of us have known and been saying: obama is an islamist. Let history record Barack Hussein Obama is at fault for the rise of radical islam and the destruction they cause because of his feckless failed foreign policy while wussifying our military.