Obama Gets Angry With Media Questioning His Understanding of ISIS Threat

Pres CRYBABY is whining that NBC’s Ron Allen and other reporters have asked variations of the same question, well that’s because this condescending JERK chooses not to give a straight answer!

Lets be honest, brutally honest, obama’s decision to dodge reporters proves he is protecting radical islam. Any other leader would thunder away and answer the question directly/ honestly the first time around. Barry obama on the other hand chooses to play word games then gets agitated when his own minions begin to question him.

Those of you in the press annoyed with his answers on defeating ISIS now pushing him need to understand YOU CREATED THIS MONSTER! You all gave him a pass in 07/08 by not vetting him, remaining silent on his first term failures in 2012, doing one softball interview after another letting it snowball to the disaster we have today! You people disgust the American people. WHEN blood is spilled it will be as much on your hands as they’re on his.