Capture of US Sailors is The State of the Union


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well then this vid of our sailors is priceless for the Iranian regime, which sums up the complete and total failure of the obama admins foreign policy.


While obama praised his success, (really failures to all of us) during his State of the Union speech, 10 US sailors were taken into custody by Iran. The sailors were released today but not before the Iranians used them for propaganda to show how weak the obama/Kerry/Clinton foreign policy is. The State of the Union is a broken nation, divided now in an age where our enemies do not fear us, who will boldly capture our servicemen/women parade them around and force them to apologize…


Why? Because they can. The Iranians KNOW they have the obama where they want and will continue to violate the Iran nuke deal (no one but the obama admin wants) and international law. Just think in a week $150 billion will be released to Iran and what they will do with that money. You can be assured it won’t be to aid Joe Biden to cure cancer!