Rush: Gov Haley’s SOTU Speech Greatest Evidence GOP is Anti-Conservative and Pro-Elite


There is no doubt what Rush is suggesting here is false. The GOP establishment aka RINOs aka progressive republicans will do anything to hold onto their power, up to including attacking a nominee the people favor, whether it’s Trump, Cruz, Dr Carson or any other outsider. The GOPe cannot see the revolt coming their way if they screw with whomever rightfully wins/deserves the GOP nomination.

Gov Haley’s speech was more of an attack on conservatives when it should have been a rebuttal/ attack to obama’s hour long pack of lies. Her speech just goes to show the length and depth the radicals infesting the republican party will go to. There is only a handful of conservatives in Congress all of whom are under the gun daily by the GOPe leadership.

Let them sabotage this election. Let the elites have their candidate so when they lose they’ll officially be dead (already are to those of us in the know). It’s probably in our best interests anyway to lose since the dems have been setting up/ working to crash this country and have it all happen under a republican dominant congress and White House. Who would you rather have in power to take the blame when SHTF?

Sadly, what ever happens this election really won’t matter because we the people lose regardless of whomever wins. A reset is coming, it’s inevitable…

Full transcript: What the Nikki Haley Speech Means