Ben Carson Says Rival Camp Playing Dirty Telling Voters He Was Dropping Out

This whining from Carson epitomizes one of the traits of true conservatives and TEA Partiers of personal responsibility. Let’s assume it’s true and someone from one of the other candidates camps spread this lie that Carson was dropping out. It is the voters responsibility to verify this “news” they hear from the opposition or along the grapevine.

This is politics folks, it’s dirty and people are playing dirtier than ever. The only people Ben Carson should be mad at are his supporters who believed the rumor.

Here’s and example of taking personal responsibility: Yours truly was out for a while away from the computer and TV to get any news. When I got back I heard Huckabee pulled out. I didn’t take anyone’s word as gospel I went and verified it.

This is what adults do and frankly I expect better from people than this lame cop-out. Assume the worst is going to come out from all candidates do your damn homework and GROW UP!