FBI Confirms Investigation Into Clinton’s Private Email Server

The FBI must have gotten tired of Clinton claiming she did nothing wrong after her comments during the DNC debate claiming its just a security investigation.

Hillary wants the country to believe emailgate is just another GOP driven conspiracy against her but why? Why does the country dislike and hate her so much? Because she is all those things people have accused her of and she should be in jail after decades of unethical behavior and breaking the law.

Clinton will be indicted but don’t hold your breath she’ll be prosecuted. IMO the DOJ/ FBI doesn’t have the stones to go after her especially with Eric Holder 2.0 aka Loretta Lynch in control. When this happens it will be confirmation the US is in fact a Banana Republic. The feds like many fear her, because if she finds a way to weasel out, she’ll use this failed investigation to propel her to the Oval Office where you can bet your last $1 heads will literally role.