Sorry Donald Trump, Ted Cruz Was Talking About Building a Border Wall in 2011

Donald Trump wants to take credit for his call to build a border fence/ wall but the truth is Ted Cruz was talking about it waaaaayyy back in 2011/12. When Cruz was running for the Senate against multimillionaire, TX Lt Gov David Dewhurst and Trump was donating 10’s of thousands of dollars to RINOs and democrats, one of Cruz’s top campaign priorities was securing our border to build a wall/ fence along the US southern border.

Let’s not forget Congress passed the Secure Fence Act, that Pres Bush signed into law in 2006, to build the border fence but due to Congress’ incompetence they have yet to fund it. Congress is too busy wasting OUR money on turtle tunnels, Solyndra and 66 other ways of blowing our money vs national security.

Also take note eminent domain was also brought up during this debate where Cruz was clear property owners should be treated with due process and compensated. As for the cost of building a wall, these figures being quoted to Cruz are outlandish, it can be done for much less than $6.5 million per mile! Hell Cruz has even said, as President, he would get Trump to build the wall since the Donald says he can do it right at a low cost!