Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton Lied

Clinton and her lackeys think they were smart to hand pick what emails to hand over while deleting others. As the Judge indicates the FBI was able to recover 33K deleted emails so surely enough evidence has been recovered to indict, prosecute and convict her for violating 18 US Code 793.

A lot of Americans hope the Judge is correct that the FBI is taking notes on everything this lying witch is saying. Clinton’s appearance with Chuck Todd is her way of showing how defiant and above the law she thinks she is.

Clinton has been lying her entire political career; because she can. This above the law attitude runs rampant in DC. The fact that she and many like her haven’t been held responsible for anything while gaining more money and power just goes to show how much of a Banana Republic this has become. We’ll know soon enough how lost this nation is if she is indicted but not prosecuted.