“No Justice No Peace” Produces 5 Dead Cops in Dallas

Dallas Police Chief David Brown spoke today saying the suspect, killed by police robot bomb, said he was upset about Black Lives Matter (BLM) and police involved shootings. Brown said the suspect wanted to kill white people and police officers, that he acted alone and there were IED’s we would eventually find.

The left and BLM movement can distance themselves from this assassination/ attack all they want. But, by their logic in other tragic events when they blamed the right, NRA, conservatives pro-2A movement for one deranged individuals actions they own this assassination of 5 innocent police officers.

We have no reason to doubt what the Chief has said about this killers intent. He was upset about BLM, what was going on and took action against the police. Like the BLM chants “No Justice No Peace” this is what you get 5 cops dead, 7 injured.

So Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama and the rest of you race hustlers out there don’t you dare speak out and say that chant championed by all of you “doesn’t mean to actually kill cops”. Of course it does, the absence of peace means chaos, pain and bloodshed. You own this, your divisive rhetoric for years has fueled the rage in unstable individuals who have waged war (race war) on the streets of America. You have blood on your hands… AGAIN.