Gary Johnson Goes Off on Buy Benson For Saying ‘Illegal Immigrant’

As I stated in an earlier post following his appearance on Fox’s The Five, defending Black Lives Matter, Gary Johnson sounds more like a democrat than a libertarian. The use of undocumented immigrant to identify illegal aliens is insulting and incendiary to AMERICANS Mr Johnson!!

These people didn’t have a hard time getting into the US, they walked across the border because it was easier than getting in line, waiting a few years to do it correctly and legally. These people do not belong here. They have demonstrated they have Z E R O respect for our country and laws. They have clearly refused to assimilate in our culture and even worse they’re more or less STEALING jobs and money from the American people! They don’t pay taxes, they are draining social entitlement programs set aside for people who really need. They have put a strain on our school system taking resources and because they refuse to assimilate schools have to get spanish speaking teachers to accommodate their children! The list goes on and on so WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

Trump’s immigration position is not incendiary, frankly many of the things he has suggested are already on the books, they just aren’t being enforced! You do know we already have a deportation force? It’s called ICE!

It’s no wonder many are suggesting Johnson’s candidacy is hurting Clinton rather than Trump in the polls because of his far left positions. I’m sure Hillary, should she win, will have a job waiting for you in her admin!