Obama Admin Grants Citizenship to Over 800 Immigrants Slated For Deportation

Yes America the same govt who “vetted” the San Bernardino terrorist just released a report that the US Citizenship and Immigration Services granted US citizenship to 858 immigrants slated for deportation ‘from special interest countries who had been ordered deported or removed under another name’.

This govt can’t even keep the fingerprint records they’ve taken in order, what does that tell you about the 10’s of thousands of refugees and “migrants” this regime is bringing into the US?

Now keep in mind the obama regime just took a victory lap for bringing over 10,000 “refugees” from the middle east setting plans to take in 110K in 2017. Couple that with the tens of thousands who have easily crossed the border again where the same admin claimed 80% were being deported but news came out only 50% are being captured.

With all of this in mind don’t be surprised with headlines like we saw over the weekend where one “migrant” was planting bombs in NJ and NY and another stabbed 9 in MN. Barack Hussein Obama CREATED THIS MESS and Hillary Clinton wants to widen what his majesty has done by 500%!

Consider the recent terror incidents dry-runs for something bigger. They have proven the US is primed for massive attacks as this govt has demonstrated they are incapable of protecting the American people. While this admin and democrats work to disarm the people and be PC compliant our enemies laugh, planning to kill us.