Judge Pirro Warns You Might Not Have a Place in Hillary Clinton’s America

The Judge made a strong argument to Americans who value equal rights and justice they will lose it all if Hillary Clinton is elected. She admits Trump is not perfect but when compared to the crimes and corruption of Hillary Clinton, Pirro declares Trump is the only choice for Americans to make in 24 days.

Through Wikileaks we’ve learned so much of what was in theory about Clinton’s corruptions is in fact true. This crime family is actively working to empower and enrich themselves at Americans expense. Pirro argues if you don’t care about freedom, religious liberty, want to see obama’s policies continued on, govt agencies like the DOJ/ FBI remain corrupt etc then by all means vote for Hillary.

This is the worst election in US history so we practically have a gun to our heads to make a choice with the economic and foreign chaos coming our way. Both candidates clearly have major faults, question you need to ask, and its the same thing as Ted Cruz argued, is: who do you believe will ‘defend our freedom, and to be faithful to the Constitution’? Trump or Clinton?