Dem Rep Not Going to Inauguration Because of Trump’s Hatred (Video)

Joy! Socialist and criminal enabler Luis Gutierrez will not be attending Trump’s inauguration but instead will be marching with protesters. Trump did not say all Mexicans were drug dealers, rapists and criminals. He said Mexico was sending them to the US pointing out some are good while citing information he has been told by Border Agents who know first hand. The cream of the crop is not illegally crossing the border in the middle of the night.

Gutierrez doesn’t have an honest bone in him, why should anyone believe what he says? Those who live along the border know everything he is saying isn’t true. Building a wall is a deterrent, but Luis doesn’t want that. He wants the drugs, gang bangers, criminals etc to be able to openly cross into the US. Hell, he wants to grant amnesty and full citizenship to all of them! The man is quite dangerous, working 24/7 to usurp the Constitution. It’s too bad NY voters don’t seem to care about their country. Thank God for the Electoral College!

This fake news narrative about Trump being a racist and white supremacist is getting quite old, but we will allow the crap media like CNN to continue pushing it. The harder they push the faster their viewership drops. And by all means Luis, you and all your communist colleagues should keep it up too! Keep pushing the division and demonizing Americans. You do know when you trash Pres-Elect Trump you are trashing countless Americans right? Millions of Americans who voted, who AGREE with what he has said, many seeing/ witnessing it firsthand! Go ahead push the lies, hate and division there are still a few more seats to grab in Congress.