Central American Illegals Flooding Across Border Before Trump Sworn-In

We know where the current invasion wave of illegals are coming from but still no action to stop it!? Good job obama and nice touch treating many like refugees(I warned would happen) so they can stay as long as they want. The fact this country can’t take care of it’s own means absolutely nothing to the elites in power.

By the way there is nothing saying all the illegals flooding across the border from Central America are all native to that region! How many are from South America, Africa, China or the middle east? How many ISIS fighters, who said they would infiltrate refugee programs to the west, are among the 68K increase from 2015?

America WHEN we get hit again you can bet your last worthless Fed Reserve printed dollar we’ll learn afterward the attacker(s) were let right in America’s “front door” under the obama admins immigration/ refugee policies. This is all the obama regimes attempt to undermine and sabotage Trump’s admin to leave the border wide open until he is sworn-in.