Biden Taunts Trump and GOP: ‘Go Ahead’, Repeal Obamacare, ‘See What Happens’

Here we go with the fear mongering that women will pay more, millions will lose coverage, people with pre-existing coverage won’t be covered etc etc. Biden seems to forget all the people who got screwed after BarackObamacare was passed! The Vice President of the United States is mocking and trivializing millions of you who have lost access to your doctor, lost plans that you were told you could keep, seen premiums and deductibles increase up to and over 100%, while the type and quality of care you’re receiving has dropped along with all the nightmares that have followed the worst piece of legislation in US History!

Mock and make idol threats all you want Joe. In 19 days you, your commie boss, your shit policies and radical agenda are going to be wiped away!