Here’s the Truth About the Border Wall and Who is Paying for It

There is a ton of misinformation out about the border wall and how it will be paid, by the crap media including some bobbleheads over at Fox News, esp Shep Smith. First things first, the border wall is not something new. It is not some evil racist plan conceived in Donald Trump’s mind to stick it to illegal aliens as leftists would have you think. In 2006 with bipartisan support, up to and including Clinton, Schumer AND obama, Congress passed the Secure Fence Act . That IS the bill to build the wall/fence between the US and Mexico. It is the same bill in which obama claimed the fence was completed when he mocked republicans wanting a moat with alligators!

As you know the border is left wide open because funding for the wall/ fence was delayed and put off. BUT it must be made absolutely clear the American people were always on the hook to pay for it, and we were okay with that so much so we were pissed nothing was being done! Those in the media are treating Pres Trump’s recent Executive Order to get it going as if it’s something new. Smith and the others, in the lying media, are conveniently leaving out that Trump’s EO is to get this project going and that it is not some new plan/ law. Trump decided during his campaign that Mexico should pay for it. The people cheered the idea, so he ran with it which is fine if he can work the numbers and some deal for it to happen.

The US has been raked over the coals by Mexico for years, remittance to them is in the billions, so most Americans are okay with the easy flow of OUR MONEY going to them being cut off to cover the costs to build this wall. Again, no one was complaining in ’06 about paying for it, it’s a cost we accepted, but the media is trying to create a narrative that it was always about Mexico paying for it, when it wasn’t.

Speaking of costs, there are all kinds of estimates floating around. The admin says $6-8B, Senate estimates $12-15B, GAO $18B and MIT $25B… I’m betting with the admins numbers because Trump knows construction, the others frankly are those who one way or another are responsible for $10K hammers and toilet seats we’ve been paying for! The US wastes over $113B per year on illegal aliens, so regardless of the cost estimates it will save us money in the long run to put the wall up and it’s also an issue of national security.

The wall is going to be FINISHED one way or another. If Pres Trump can work a deal that keeps money in the US to cover the costs vs it being pissed away in foreign aid so be it!