Crazed Georgetown U Prof Wants White People to Have “Individual Reparation Accounts” (Vid)

Michael Eric Dyson is doing a heck of a job continuing obama’s legacy of dividing the US as he pushes this myth of racism, white supremacy and white privilege. This communist thinks white people should have “reparation accounts” regardless of when they or anyone white came to the US to pay back blacks and “repair inequality”!

“Many white people approach me and ask ‘what can I do?’ Besides being educated, you can do individual repair of inequality.”

The only white people who would approach Dyson, feeling this much guilt to ask this are snowflake liberals.

When is this bullshit going to end? Slavery was defeated 152 years ago, thanks to the REPUBLICAN PARTY, but racists continue to act as if blacks were set free from the plantations yesterday! The only plantation blacks need to be freed from, and frankly the only ones who should pay reparations to them, are the democrat party! Minorities need to get off the democrat plantation and hit them up for “reparations” because in most cases inner cities experiencing crime and lack of economic opportunities for blacks are and have been under democrat control. Democrats are responsible for the disparities, inequalities and all the other complaints Dyson rants about.

Dyson is a professor of Sociology at Georgetown University demonstrating once again why the university and college system is completely broken, being nothing more than liberal indoctrination camps. America I’ve said it repeatedly here, you do not need college anymore for jobs that do not require higher learning (ie doctor, lawyer, engineer, scientist etc). You can learn on your own by accessing class curriculum and materials at libraries and online. You don’t need to put yourself in debt nor subject yourself or children to twisted monsters like this.

Save your money, invest it or start your own business!