Dana Loesch Hammers Est GOP on Their Failed Obamacare Fix as “Bait and Switch” (Video)

“It was like Paul Ryan rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic telling America that the hole had been fixed”

Talk radio host Dana Loesch hammered away on the GOPe’s failed obamacare fix as nothing but a bait and switch. While the networks and pundits want to point the finger of blame at the Freedom Caucus fact remains it was not a repeal.

As Loesch points out:
Planned Parenthood’s funding was only delayed for a year, not permanently defunded.
Regulatory structure, penalties and subsidies are still in place.

Ryan and the GOPe’s plan was, as many rightly claim, obamacare-lite. It was NOT the bill Congress passed, sent to obama’s desk that got vetoed, Ryan HIMSELF said 14 months ago they would hand to a republican president a year later either!

The GOPe just smoked themselves out as a bunch of scam artists. They said they needed the House, we gave it to them. Then they whined they needed the Senate, we gave them that. Last but not least they said they had to have the White House, they got that too and are STILL making excuses. We’re in a multi-pronged fight against the democrats, obama loyalists hiding behind the shadows and the GOPe. The conservatives in the House, Senate and the Freedom Caucus need reinforcements. This loss was in fact a win for Trump and the people because we now know who we have to get rid of!