Jan 2016 Speaker Ryan Promised Obamacare Would Be Repealed Under Republican President (Vid)

Jan 2016 Speaker Paul Ryan made this video in response to obama vetoing the repeal of obamacare Congress passed after voting on it 60 times. Yet 14 months later Ryan does not bring up the same law for a vote for Trump to sign as promised!?

“There is a clear path to repealing Obamacare without 60 votes in the Senate. So next year if we’re sending this bill to republican president it will get signed into law, obamacare will be gone.”

Speaker Ryan is playing games with Americans lives.
Speaker Ryan and the GOP leadership is doing everything they can to make Pres Trump look bad and undermine his presidency.

While the House Freedom Caucus is being blamed, pundits leave out the 19(est) moderate republicans who balked at Ryan’s plan as well! The progressive republicans bill, that didn’t even get a vote, is a lite version of obamacare, it did not defund Planned Parenthood, was still on course to collapse and would have more or less transfer ownership of obamacare to Trump and the GOP. That would have resulted in 2018 midterm election losses and most likely giving power of the House, possibly the Senate, back to the democrats. The same democrats who are looking for anyway possible to impeach Pres Trump! The truth of the matter is the Freedom Caucus saved Trump’s first term!

Those close to Trump who understand this need to spell it out to him and he needs to thank them along with the other republicans who backed away. Make no mistake about it Paul Ryan is no friend to the Trump admin, he needs to go, as Judge Pirro argued. Just wait America until immigration reform comes up for a vote if Ryan is still in power, your head will explode!