Judge Pirro Calls For Speaker Ryan to Step Down! (Video)

Judge Pirro addressed what many on the left call the biggest failure of the Trump admin by not getting the obamacare repeal and replacement through.(It wasn’t) But when it came to pointing the finger of blame the Judge pointed it squarely at Speaker Paul Ryan.

Everything Pirro cites in her prosecution of Paul Ryan is correct. He had seven years to put something together to go with the 60 times the House voted to repeal obamacare. Ryan and the progressive republicans chose to put this half-ass obamacare lite bill together without the help from conservatives, members of the Freedom Caucus and then they hid it from everyone, taking a page from Pelosi and co!

Let’s get something clear, when Boehner was being ousted Ryan wanted no part of the Speakership. He was against it for most of the time and more importantly conservatives didn’t want him in the big chair, then did a 180°. You think he screwed the obamacare repeal and replacement up just wait and see what he does when immigration reform comes up! This is the same guy who went dark after losing the 2012 election, where our first hint of him was rumor mill he was working behind the scenes with closet communist Luis Gutierrez on immigration reform. Then we finally got video of him telling a town hall in 2013 they were going to vot eon a bill to legalize “people who are undocumented”!

Ryan put on a good show for a while when he would go over the economy but over the years, since 2012, he’s demonstrated he is no different from any of the other swamp monsters in DC! Pirro is 100% right, Ryan, the head swamp monster, needs to go!