Rep Maxine Waters Questions Patriotism of Americans Who Voted For Trump (Video)

Maxine Waters questioning Trump supporters patriotism is pretty rich, especially when it’s from someone who just a few weeks ago was calling for acts of insurrection, rebellion and sabotage! Who made this statist, this closet communist, the arbiter as to who is and isn’t patriotic? Since when is voting for someone who will enforce the laws on the books, beef up our military so the nation isn’t defenseless, and putting an end to anti-American, even destructive, policies unpatriotic?

Waters patriotism need to be questioned. She cares more about illegal aliens, and radical islamists than American citizens. Do we really need to go over her voting record?! This congresswoman voted AGAINST protecting veterans Second Amendment rights, VA accountability, ending taxpayer money funding abortion, govt reform etc etc. She like all democrats DEFINES what it is to be unpatriotic!

Wiggy needs to be careful what she says. As stated above this US Representative called for the border wall to be sabotaged. WHEN construction begins, if there are ANY acts of sabotage against it, SHE WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE.