Fmr Atty General Mukasey: Pres Trump is Correct There Was Surveillance at Trump Tower (Vid)

Many leftists are acting like legal experts again with their “professional” opinion Pres Trump is making his claims of wiretapping up. But then you have actual legal experts who worked in the US govt who know otherwise from Mark Levin to Fmr Atty Gen Mukasey.

What you should find amusing about all of this is democrats, like Martha Raddatz, trivialize the Presidents allegation yet were the same people praising and citing all the stories out about the Russian connection Levin pointed out on Fox News. They had the hopes it would bring Trump down but now the same reports by several liberal news outlets is being turned on obama as proof his regime had Trump under surveillance.

Oct 31, 2016 Hillary Clinton cited a covert Trump server linked to a Russian bank on Twitter only to take it down now because that is evidence they knew Trump was under investigation.

Or let me make more clear: Pres obama, who was fully supporting and campaigning for Hillary Clinton, his party/ the DNC’s presidential candidate, who had she won would be his third term, had the GOP’s presidential candidate under full investigation. This is the same president who weaponized the IRS, DOJ, EPA, ATF and other govt agencies against his enemies. Yet the leftist media doesn’t believe anything they more or less were reporting to take Trump down!

Kurt Schlichter said it best…

Libs are in full scramble to come up with something to explain what the obama regime was up to even going as far as fmr regime members to come out in defense of obama. Ben Rhodes says obama didn’t give the order. Maybe that’s true but he sure as hell knew about it! But keep in mind Rhodes is the same guy who admitted he lied to the nation to sell the Iran Nuke deal, so he has no credibility.

Obama is dirty on this, the fun thing to see is who will fall on the sword for him? That said I have a Twitter poll going…

What do you think America, will obama amp up his OFA and Soros funded army to start trouble if it starts getting to hot for him?