Tucker Rips Race Hustler Calling Trump’s Speech Something Hitler Would’ve Wrote (Vid)

Legal ANALyst Eric Guster Esq took to Twitter last night asking if Hitler wrote the draft of Pres Trump’s speech to the Joint Session of Congress.

Not surprising Tucker brought him on air to defend the offensive tweet where it didn’t take long for him to spew race hustling nonsense that’s been charged against POTUS.

According to logic of this unhinged progressive, Trump is like Hitler because he was in AL where people were flying confederate flags around and allegedly said things with racial undertones! And because Hitler used immigration and racism to create a base Trump is like him…..

Yea, in other words Guster is using some strange, stretched out, perverted interpretation of guilt by association.

Eric Guster like the majority of leftists who pull the race card is a racist. Don’t take my word for it, go watch vids of this guy, every single time he’s on air he makes a topic about race and attacks.

There was nothing dictatorial or fascist in the Presidents speech. It was one of the best speeches ever given, even libs and commies, HELL Van Jones had to give it to him!

Tucker gladly threw obama’s 2 terms back in Guster’s face where the admin did nothing about this alleged racism from the right. As expected this was countered with more gobbledygook. Guster was incapable of defending his position, so he pushed lies of violence committed by the right against minorities.


Here’s how you know Guster is outright lying…. if it was true these alleged attacks by white nationalists and right wingers would be all that we’re talking about. The media would be plastering these “attacks” on air, print and the internet 24/7. There would be marches, protest and lets be real honest riots wherever these “attacks” took place! We would be having Ferguson’s and Baltimore’s without question if what Eric said was even remotely true. But this is what radical leftists do when they have nothing left. They ALWAYS call people racists, or now Hitler to shut them down.

If Fox News were smart they would cut ties with this guy. His FAKE NEWS is clearly welcomed over on the Clinton News Network.