Andrew Breitbart is Gone But That Doesn’t Mean His Spirit to Fight the Left Is (Videos)


Andrew Breitbart may be gone but his spirit and desire to destroy the mainstream media must be fulfilled, as these organizations have gone from reporting news to political activism.

Breitbart was a true leader of the “in your face” conservative, TEA Party movement against the left. No, he wasn’t the only leader, but he was up in front and a wrecking machine when it came to engaging the left. People were so fired up and energized during obama’s first term to stop the democrat/ progressive machine, but then Andrew passed and it seems that energy since his death has fizzled out. Grant it folks were fired up during the 2016 election but that “I’m not taking the left’s shit anymore” attitude AB exemplified was clearly not present.

Just because Donald Trump is POTUS doesn’t mean the fight with the left is over. It’s quite the opposite, they’re getting ready for a major offensive and I’m sorry to say majority of you have gotten soft. We’ve strayed from the activism Andrew called for and boldly threatened to deliver, like the example of a TEA Party protest in NYC in the above clip. The lying media are, as Pres Trump said, enemies of the people, and if Andrew were here he would have agreed with that statement. He was clear in 2012 he was “committed to the destruction of the old media guard”! (New York Times, CNN etc)

So what happened?

Conservatives need to get that fearless spirit Andrew Breitbart had. The left banks on people standing down to them when they scream and yell, wave their arms around like wild chimpanzees, which is all an act. Yes we know they are violent but that is a fringe fanatics, the hardcore communists and anarchists who only do that because they have numbers. The left is not prepared for someone they’re berating to step up and get into their faces, let alone show up in greater numbers. Introduce a little anarchy, upset the lefts order and their world will become chaos…

Everyone on the right who sees what the left is up to, where obama and Soros are preparing to launch new battles, needs a gut check and to watch these old vids of Breitbart.

We need to get back that spirit he had because, as I’ve said here repeatedly, the left isn’t going to cave in a month, 6 mos or a year. Look at them during the President’s speech to congress, they were as defiant as they’ve ever been. Do you really believe these people are going to come to an agreement or compromise as their world, that obama built up over 8 yrs, is dismantled by Trump and the GOP? Do you really believe their constituents, supporters and ilk will just stop? Heck even dem politicians were being protested and threatened with being primaried if they don’t do something!

The left is preparing for a major offensive, it would be in the rights best interest to give them a dose of their own medicine.