NY Post’s Investigative Journalist Warns Obama’s Attempts to Sabotage Trump Could Spark Civil War

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“Obama is the guy who’s behind all this, he’s the mastermind…”
“If Trump doesn’t get out in front of this and call it for what it is, Obama could spark something on the order of the Civil War here. He’s really gearing up here, over the next year or two to create a huge, very well-funded organizing and protesting infrastructure that’s going to go after and constantly attack Trump and Republicans.”

NY Post’s Paul Sperry is continuing to make the rounds warning Americans about the “shadow govt” obama is organizing to sabotage, with the hopes of leading to the impeachment of, Pres Trump! Do not dismiss the first clip because it’s Alex Jones, whom I’m no fan of. This vid/ audio isn’t about Jones, it’s about Paul Sperry, who talks most of the time, and his investigation into obama. It’s about what he has uncovered…

Feb 11: How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency
Feb 18: Obama-linked activists have a ‘training manual’ for protesting Trump

… which you can be sure only touches the surface of how deeply involved obama is in sabotaging Pres Trump to preserve his admins “legacy”. Sperry’s appearance with Lou Dobbs is an abbreviated version, like his appearance on Fox & Friends when his story broke. Hopefully he will stay on this and other real journalists will join him to expose the radical closet communist most of us have always known obama to be.

Some may shrug it off but this country is very divided. Obama has the opportunity to bring us together but instead drove a massive wedge between everyone, not just between the races. Make no doubt about it the US is in a political COLD civil war. For those in doubt, I’ve argued a few times democrats and liberals will not just throw their arms up in defeat, come to an agreement or compromise. They’ve been protesting hard over the last year, amping things up since election day. Now with obama fueling the fire (surely with Soros‘ help) unhinged leftists will realize their run of the mill protesting doesn’t work. They will take it to the next level, just as Sperry argues. Obama’s OFA is not training the protesters we’ve seen over the last year or so. This bunch to start off is getting indoctrinated with Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, it sounds like OFA is creating “special forces” type protestors to launch hardcore protests.. riots.

With that said think about how obama did everything he could to disarm this country for 8yrs; now the “WHY” makes sense. He knew Clinton was next in line to run and the nation would reject her over the GOP candidate. He knew whoever got elected from GOP would dismantle his “legacy”. So lil barry knew he would have to go back to his community organizer ways, using his presidency and everything he learned to fight the next POTUS. I have no doubt the people getting recruited (by Sperry’s count over 50K) by his OFA will be worst of the worst. That’s why he wanted people disarmed! Obama knew his little army was experienced in trouble making, acts of street violence, where the last thing he wanted was for them to go up against bunch of right-wing heavily armed bible thumpers who would end things quickly! Obama like Soros wants chaos in the streets of the US so as to bring this new world order they’ve all been dreaming about for decades! Sounds crazy but what other conclusion can you come to?

Are we headed for an actual civil war? No one knows, anything can happen. But many folks from different backgrounds are all saying it’s coming! The last 8 years was a rehearsal for whatever is coming.. if you bought guns and ammo during obozos reign of terror you were one of the smart ones, BUY MORE!