Trump is Making Democrats Turn on Each Other

Progressive dem protesters showed up at a DNC forum, carrying a banner saying “#Resist Trump Or Be Replaced” at the Woman’s National Dem club, where DNC chair candidate Tom Perez was speaking. The protesters are demanding leaders do more to stop Pres Trump or face primary challenges.

The radical left wants things their way, or else. These protesters, more like them to come, support the argument made here and other sites that these people will never come to an agreement or compromise. Look at them they come peacefully now but will turn on their own in an instant. A DNC chair candidate is saying the party is all inclusive, a big tent but their ilk want no part of it.

There is no agreement, compromise or welcoming of differing minds within the dem party so that will never happen with republicans and conservatives on the street, let alone on the Hill! These leftists confirm trouble is coming if they don’t get their way and Trump is stopped if not removed from office. We’re only a month into this new admin, resistance from the left will only increase in intensity and size especially when more Executive Orders are issued and Congress starts passing bills in line with Pres Trump’s agenda!