Tucker Battles Asst Prof Who Opposes Conservative Speakers (Watch)

Asst Prof Aaron Hanlon tells Tucker Carlson he believes speakers like Ann Coulter shouldn’t be permitted to speak because she doesn’t meet a “standard for speakers”, offering no value in what she has to say but could lead to violence. That’s his opinion and fine, BUT when a school is receiving public (aka tax payer funds) the school shouldn’t limit who can or can’t speak on campus. The school should also not be siding with a group/ opposition to a speaker as we’ve clearly seen from UC Berkeley. It was quite convenient how this young professor left out the fact that resistance to speakers and violence only comes from the left. There were no riots against the Clinton’s, obama or others on the left speaking, yet the mere mention of a conservative speaker sends these schools into chaos!

Who determines what is or isn’t hate speech? To be clear for the umpteenth time, the First Amendment protects the most offensive speech, including what some would consider “hate speech”, so libs argument is moot point.

Ann Coulter does not use hateful speech. She is not cursing people out, condemning anyone, nor calling for people to be assaulted or mistreated. The material she covers is based on current law, economic and law enforcement statistics etc aka the truth, to which leftist despise like a vampire to sunlight!

The prof says he is against speakers being invited to schools who are “deliberately provocative”, well that is the point of college isn’t it, to challenge thought. He has just admitted he is against intellectual debate, preferring only those who agree with leftist ideology being allowed to speak on campus.

This move for Coulter not to speak at UC Berkeley has set a dangerous precedent. It has empowered and emboldened the left. They now have a model to follow to stop others via the threat of violence. That ladies and gentlemen is fascism, put on clear display by the left. They are the real fascists and nazis not people on the right who never put on the kind of display we’ve seen from the left!