Keith Olbermann Snaps, Wants Foreign Govts & Intel Agencies to Overthrow the US (Watch)

Yea whatever… There is a reason why Keith Olbermann is no longer on any network spewing his liberal propaganda, that has now crossed a line! Keith thinks he is so smart he went ahead to call on foreign govt intel agencies to interfere with the US govt., to in fact overthrow the US! Hey buddy do you know you just committed acts of sedition, rebellion and insurrection!? Heck let’s just throw in treason for good measure too!

Keith, can you please explain to the world how a leader enacts coup against himself? How does that work exactly? Does Trump arrest and then release himself in the Oval Office and start calling himself a dictator?

Olbermann like the entire left is in full meltdown after the President of the United States within his legal power fired the FBI director. It’s so legal for him to do it Jim Comey himself said so in his farewell letter to the Bureau!!

STR is all about free speech but the rhetoric coming out of the left is crossing a line. Someone needs to be made an example of. There are limits, you can’t yell fire in a theater and Im pretty sure calling for the overthrow of the US govt is close. When you have people calling on foreign govts to overthrow the US it’s time for the Secret Service and FBI to get involved and start locking people up, especially those unhinged who are a danger to themselves and America.

One last thing, while I doubt many read GQ maybe it’s time for a boycott if not against the magazine but their advertisers!? Use the lefts tactics, call the advertisers and pummel them over their support for a magazine who is calling for the overthrow of the US govt.