Georgetown Professor Wants White People to Pay Reparations

Michael Eric Dyson is back again after completely flipping his lid with his quest to get “white brothers and sisters” to establish “IRAs: Individual Reparations Accounts”. Dyson suggests it would be easier and faster for white people to help out descendants of slaves than the govt paying them! He thinks white people should pay a little extra to black workers, buy black kids computers and take them places they would never go and do things to help out the black community!

Well Michael, who are the descendants of slaves? And which white people should have to pay? Many of us are 2nd or 3rd generation Americans whose grandparents and great grandparents came to America at the turn of the 20th Century. Surely you don’t expect all the white people to just pay up because you say so!?

America do you see the insanity coming from the left now? Is it clear to you liberalism is truly a mental disorder?

If you have kids at Georgetown Univ get them the hell outta there! This is another example of how college and university system is complete failure, nothing more than institutions to indoctrinate our youth and fulfill the promise to fundamentally transform the USA!