Rush: What If FBI Investigation Reveals Collusion Between Obama and Russia?

Democrats demanding an investigation into Russian hacking can’t seem to grip it will not only focus on Pres Trump’s campaign, but also obama and Clinton! To date there is ZERO evidence of any collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians. There is however PROOF of collusion between Obama and Russia that goes all the way back to 2012.

There is also evidence of collusion between Hillary Clinton and Russia with regards to Uranium One. This is even more sinister because she was Sec of State (implements obama admin) and her families foundation,Clinton Global Initiative, allegedly received funds (money laundering for quid pro quo)!

Frankly I want to see an investigation because I know it will open Pandora’s Box on everyone. Let’s have it out once and for all, expose the people who are a threat to this county and lock them up. So be careful democrats, you want an investigation, you’re gonna get it but don’t you dare cry foul when your boyking and failed queen are caught red-handed!

Make no mistake about it though dems are pushing the collusion conspiracy pushing hard, going so far as to conflate separate investigations into one to implement the President. What Mike Flynn has done and the investigation around him is his problem not Trump’s. Dems will push this lie over and over again until it becomes truth to justify a pathetic attempt to impeach Trump.