Michelle Obama Attacks Trump For Delaying Rules on Her School Lunch Program (Vid)

Michelle O whines “Why don’t you want our kids to have good food at school? What is wrong with you and why is that a partisan issue?”! What good food would that be?

0bama has a lot of nerve when kids in fact are being served crap to eat under her school lunch program! Why was she okay with kids eating crap like this..

Holy hell talk about pot meeting the kettle, is she bipolar, does she have some sort of mental disorder?

The lunches kids are being given under her program are so bad it became a Twitter hashtag campaign, and countless stories were done about it. If we had actual real journalists in America someone would have stood up and called her our on her hypocrisy today. Instead we have a corrupt media hell bent on destroying the President of the United States at any cost.

The obama’s need to shut the hell up. The two of them define hypocrites, they are outright lousy human beings who created a massive divide in this country, with everyone at each others throats. Their legacy is the world on the brink of war, a nation ready to tear itself apart and kids getting shitty school meals that Trump is being blamed for!

ABC News: Michelle Obama criticizes Trump school lunch decision