Fmr Mob Boss Offers Simple Blunt Solution to Deal With Terrorists

Fmr Philly mob boss Ralph Natale may be 82 but his age isn’t keeping him from making the feds an offer they shouldn’t refuse. His solution in dealing with terrorists may come off to many as unconventional but we’re living in a time of war. A war those in power want to fight under conventional means but guys like Natale see it for what it is unconventional, a guerrilla war. You cannot fight a guerrilla war with conventional tactics, you must fight the enemy with similar tactics but NOT under their rules, Natale offers a simple solution….

“Give me their names, I’ll take care of businessI would kill them all immediately and then I would hang ’em in front of their houses and then call the newspaper. …
It’s gotta be done, it’s gotta be done now.”

Now for my controversial declaration: As a US citizen and potential target of islamist terrorists I have no problem with the US govt unleashing the mafia, gangs and even offering other fmr members of the mob serving time a reduced sentence if they go terrorist hunting. These people live in the underworld, they know things, have connections the govt itself spends time, money and resources to penetrate, even losing agents in the process. So long as the actionable intel is solid, and no Americans will be caught in the crossfire set the mafia loose on jihadists. Let’s be honest they’re “good” at what they do, and good at making people disappear. Think about it, Hoffa’s body has never been found!

Insisting to fight jihadists in this “in-the-box” mentality is why nothing is changing. The story is the same for decades, the only thing that has changed is the intensity and bodycount. Do we need another 9/11, or a Kenyan Westgate Mall style attack on a large scale in multiple cities for people to wake up and say..
“Pfft if old mob bosses wanna go kill terrorists let them!”

Set Natale and anyone like him loose on the the SOB’s.