Pirro Rips Jim Comey For Being Political Operative Pushing a Hoax

Judge Pirro rightfully went off on fmr FBI Dir Jim Comey for aiding in pushing the political hoax of obstruction and collusion against Pres Trump. He remained silent knowing the president was not under investigation yet allowed the media and politicians to hammer away on Trump for months that he was!

Comey wants the country to believe he was taken aback over the events leading to his termination but none of it is believable. Keep in mind this man was not only the Director of the FBI but a former US Attorney, you don’t get to where he is.. was by feeling squeamish and not knowing how to handle the situation wishing he was stronger. He knew what he was doing even when he passed on his memo, a federal record, to his friend at Colombia Univ who just happened to have connections at the New York Times! This wasn’t a one time thing America, anyone who believes otherwise I have some land I’d like to sell you in the middle east. Think about it the New York Times has been releasing leaked intel from govt insiders, obama loyalists, for months. Comey’s friend has the connections with the Times.

Jim Comey is a political opportunist who deserved to be fired. He stood idly by following his AG’s directive and act of obstruction of justice to call an investigation a “matter” while allowing a felon to run loose!

Hopefully karma will find its way back to him, because that memo is federal property and at the least he violated his non-disclosure agreement.