Chelsea Handler Calls on US Military to “Remove” President Trump

Hollywood is beside itself over their outright hate for Donald Trump. If they’re not suggesting his assassination or beheading then they’re calling for him to be overthrown as is the case of failed “comedian” Chelsea Handler.

Handler is calling for a military coup against Trump because of the language he uses!? Seriously? Unlike obama,Trump isn’t breaking laws, rewriting them on fly from Oval Office, enabling Americas enemies around world, selling arms to terrorists,running guns to Mexico to undermine the Second Amendment, spying on the country, etc yet lib loons like Chandler call for military coup!

Why is it no one in Hollywood is ever held accountable for all the hateful rhetoric towards POTUS? Yea, yea Kathy Griffin took a hit over her beheading pic but for the most part these people go about their business without any repercussions, hiding behind their job title, “it’s comedy”. No it’s not! Had it been obama and a conservative celeb called for his untimely end they left would be going nuts.

This “woman” (I use that word VERY lightly) needs to get off the bottle and whatever else she’s on, and STHU!