Racists Clash in Charlottesville (Videos)

[This page will be updated throughout the day]
What happens when a bunch of White Nationalists, BLM, Antifa and your run of the mill Leftists come face-to-face? Violence and lots of it break out. Numerous fist fights have broken out, a vehicle plowed into a crowd of people, hate is flowing on both sides and we still have the rest of the day to go!

But let’s talk about one of the reasons the racists are fighting today. This was initially about stopping the removal of a General Robert E Lee statue. Why is the Left hell-bent on removing AMERICAN history? “It’s racist.” Uh huh, so what’s next, Monticello, Mt Vernon, JEFFERSON MEMORIAL!?!?

Historic statues and monuments are scars, they remind us of people we were, struggles we went through and overcome. How dare anyone on whatever side they associate demand their removal. If the sight of a statue, monument or even a flag offends you so much you feel enraged with violent tendencies surging through your veins, seek psychiatric help immediately! Let me give you some very old advice:

Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt.

The words being shouted, the sights, whatever they are (sign, flag, statue, hat, t-shirt etc), from both sides are not physically hurting anyone to justify the violence we’re seeing in Charlottesville.

The violence we’re witnessing today is also the culmination from the damage done from those in power (BOTH Republican and Democrat) pitting American against American and YES YOU TOO Barack Obama. Yea, I’m saying it. A good amount of this tension hate is a result of the racial tension the US experienced no thanks to barack obama, his race hustling admin and supporters who drove a massive wedge between the people for 8 years. He and his ilk were always quick to point the finger at evil white people, everything was because of racism, anytime you said anything critical of him you were racist. And let’s not forget when his admin did absolutely nothing about the hardcore violent racists Black Panthers camped out in front of polling locations following his election! I could go on and on here, many examples are demonstrated on this site.

As far as I’m concerned the GA gov should have staged the National Guard close to “protest” areas. The moment today’s “festivities” started a State of Emergency should have immediately been declared to keep all of this violence from happening. “What about the First Amendment”, violent protests/ riots ARE NOT protected under 1A, okay enough already.

Look at it this way, at least we’re not talking about North Korea nukes or Russia, Russia, Russia today!