Rep Ellison Says Pres Trump is Worse Than Murderous Kim Jong-un (Video)

Are there concentration camps in America where those who oppose Pres Trump are imprisoned? No
Are Trumps political foes imprisoned and tortured? No
Are Americans cut off by the govt from the rest of the world fed? No
Are Americans being deliberately starved by the govt? No
Are Americans being executed because they will not pledge allegiance to Trump? No

Has Trump murdered anyone? No

Rep Keith Ellison is the example of a what a real deplorable person looks like to make such an outlandish comparison between the President of the United States and North Korea’s unhinged murderous child dictator.

This kind of language from a United States Congressman is completely unacceptable. Keith Ellison should be censured when Congress returns from their undeserved vacation. This hateful rhetoric must stop, or do you democrats want more blood on your hands when ANOTHER one of your own attempts to shift the balance of power in DC!?