Deep State Democrats Want to Seize Nuke Control From Trump (Video)

This is insanity coming from a US Senator, Markey is in fact calling to remove the powers of the Commander-in-Chief! When you take away all the sugar-coating and bs here, what Sen Markey is saying here, he admits it @ 5:50, under his bill the US has to get hit with a nuke first before our nuclear arsenal would be deployed.

Any conventional conflict could turn nuclear in a second. There are no rules in war, especially with a rogue nation who wants to blow us up. Dealing with N Korea is completely different from Russia, because the Russians were at least rational, who understand Mutually Assured Destruction. Kim Jong-un (nor the mullahs in Iran) couldn’t careless about MAD, he thinks he can win!

And truth be told, Congress can’t agree on anything, nor get anything done in a reasonable time-frame. Does this guy honestly believe the nation can sit and wait while Congress is not in session to get together and decide whether or not to grant POTUS authority to deploy nuclear weapons! Think about it, right now they’re on break, if something happens under Markey’s plan right now we don’t have time to wait for these IDIOTS to get back to DC and vote. And could you imagine them voting, first they have to debate, that’ll take a day or two, we’ll all be dead since most ICBMS take 45-60 mins to reach their target, if not sooner! A US city will be glowing in the dark before anyone in Congress gets out of their house to head back to DC!!

Even worse, imagine a democrat super majority controlling Americas nuclear arsenal in a time of war. If it comes to it they’ll never use them! Granted we don’t want nukes used ever, but if we get hit and progressives have control of the red button, it will never be pushed.

I am absolutely floored a US Senator has the balls to even suggest taking this kind of control from POTUS. Congress is incompetent and completely useless as it is. This anti-Trumpism has got to stop, these Trump haters are going to get a lot of people killed.

Update 8/11/17:
Turns out the co-author of the the bill CA Rep Ted Lieu told CNN he and Markey came up with this bill LAST YEAR knowing Hillary could be POTUS! Progressives want the keys to the nuke codes. Everything above in my op still stands.