Bernie Sanders Fmr Press Sec Calls to Reform Electoral College Because It Empowers Racists (Listen)

Democrats a word of advice. In general pulling the race card is more or less ignored. Yes, yes you get a few jabs in, create a little havoc from time to time, but for the most part people just aren’t buying it. Nov 8th 2016 you lost the election because you ran the worst candidate in US history who defined cronyism and corruption (for starters). After choosing that candidate while screwing another via Super Delegates you ran a campaign thinking you could lock down the coasts and grab a few states in the fly-over nation. It backfired, because Americans with a clue weren’t buying her BS.

Had the Electoral College not been in place, your candidate probably would’ve won. BUT to suggest the EC empowers racists as a means to reform it is absurd. Let’s be clear had your candidate won with the system as is, Symone Sanders wouldn’t be whining right now. She would be upset it’s not Bernie but happy had they won. Frankly, the EC, while nationally it stops mob rule, doesn’t at the state level. The EC was built to give people across the country a fair shot at choosing the next President, otherwise 6 states would choose POTUS! It had nothing to do with the South or racism. So Symone take your race hustling and shove it!

The American people are done with bowing down to RACISTS like Sanders, 2016 election is proof of that too!