Trump Scolds the Media Over Collusion Narrative (Vid)

Pres Trump gave a presser today, following a private national security meeting, and took the opportunity to scold the media over the collusion narrative they’ve been pushing. Leftist media must have been quite uncomfortable as Trump laid out facts that debunks their theory.

To this day no one in Congress has produced any evidence of collusion. Many democrats have admitted there’s nothing there.

Russia has spent money going after Trump because in the bigger picture a Clinton administration would have benefited Russia since Trump is pro-military and natural resources, when it comes to energy production. The last thing they want is a strong American military, as it restricts their influence globally. With the US becoming an exporter of oil and natural gas prices are fair where Russia continues to hurt for market share. The Russian economy is weak as long as oil remains low. There is no benefit for them to support him. So there is no collusion but the opposite as Trump spelled out.

The only real acts of collusion are those between Russia, the Clinton’s and the democrat party. Unfortunately the only time Americans will ever get wind of what’s going on is through conservative bloggers and websites since our “friendly”, “fair and balanced”(formerly) news agency has strayed from pointing out everything the President touches on.