Judge Napolitano: DOJ, State Dept Blocking Access to Clinton’s Benghazi Emails!

What the hell is going on!? To be clear, yes the federal judge, appointed by obama, has ordered a search for Clinton’s Benghazi emails, but as Judge Nap explains, the State Dept and DOJ, under Trump, are/ were trying to block access!! What in the blue hell is Rex Tillerson and Jeff Sessions departments doing?

Before everyone goes nuts we need this question answered:
Are those involved with blocking the access, protecting Hillary, obama holdovers!?

If so, they should be fired immediately as ALL obama holdovers/ loyalists. Said individuals are the Deep State many deny exist who are actively engaged in a soft coup, in conjunction with the democrat party and mainstream media. If not, Tillerson and Sessions have some serious explaining to do not only to Pres Trump but the American people.

Seriously… somebody hit reset.