Judge Pirro: Take the Gloves Off, Start Prosecuting Clinton, Lynch and Holder

Judge Pirro gave a fiery opening tonight, speaking like a Judge still on the bench, over clear acts of collusion, obstruction of justice and that it’s time to start prosecuting people.

She made it clear the FBI and DOJ colluded to give Hillary a free pass last year. There was more than enough evidence against Clinton, for committing perjury, mishandling of classified documents and destroying evidence, yet they let her walk.

Why did she walk, well that goes to the meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, where it’s pretty clear had Hillary won, Lynch would stay on as Atty General. To make matters worse the DOJ stonewalled Jay Sekulow’s, ACLJ FOIA, requests where documents were blacked out to hide collusion and most likely obstruction.

Pirro declared it’s time to take the gloves off, that Mueller should be dismissed due to conflict of interests, investigations must be opened up into Lynch, Holder, and Hillary!

The Judges closing was dead on. The right is being far too kind.. nice to the Clinton and the Left. They are getting away with crimes because people/ leadership on the Right doesn’t want to be looked on like bad people.
I made this vid years ago to show people on the Right it’s time to stop being nice, take the gloves off, like Pirro is saying…

Most are worried about optics and how it will affect fundraising and their next campaign. Guess what? If you dopes don’t start actual criminal investigations, as Pirro laid out, then none of you deserve to be in office. The American people are tired of this bullshit, we’re not okay with the Banana Republic, Comey confirmed, with 2 sets of rules. Do you damn jobs, start prosecuting people or you will be out of job and maybe…. just maybe under investigation yourself. The lack of action makes people wonder maybe they’re all in on it!