Savage: If Left Takes Trump Down ‘There Will Be a Civil War in This Country’ (Listen)

Michael Savage issued a warning to Leftists looking to take Pres Trump down, that “if they [Left] take Trump down, through Mueller or through any other source and deny Eddie his vote, there will be a civil war in this country.”

It’s abundantly clear the Left, who are a modern day confederacy, are engaged in a massive silent coup to remove Trump from office. They are attacking from multiple fronts through the media, deep state leaks and concocted conspiracies to justify special counsel, Mueller, who has hired all Leftists investigators to turn Trump’s life, presidency, and family inside out.

In a nutshell they are desperately trying to find a crime to pin on the President of the United States so they can impeach him. Mueller was tasked to look into the alleged Russian collusion conspiracy, but now has expanded his investigation into Trumps financial dealings to 10 years ago!

What does anything he did with his business so long ago have to do with the collusion lie? NOTHING. That ladies and gentlemen is proof enough this investigation is in fact a witch hunt to destroy POTUS. The Left needs any excuse they can find to get support they need for impeachment.

Their goal is this: create doubt, chaos, and no legislative action going into 2018 midterms. In theory they win back majority in the House and Senate, with the evidence they’ve collected, through the witch hunt, Trump is impeached. Pence will be POTUS, he will then be impeached, as Maxine Waters made clear…

Since the Left will be holding majority which means, as of now, Nancy Pelosi, would be Speaker of the House, she would be installed as POTUS! That’s why she isn’t going anywhere, still maintaining support as dem party leader etc.

This all sounds insane, but we’re talking about the vile, vindictive, viscous, unhinged Left. If this is all wrong, what is their end goal other than what was just laid out, because they are on record they want Trump and Pence removed?

Many are warning of this coup, from little old me to ret Army Colonel Kurt Schlichter, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh etc. the Left believes they can pull off bloodless. The Left really believes 63,000,000 people who voted for Trump will just sit back and do nothing as they take over the White House, and DC all because Hillary lost! That is what this is all about. They have no idea the fight that is coming, with people who have bought the majority of guns and ammo bought at record levels since 2009. As I stated yesterday, following Maxine Waters appearance on The View and Morning Joe, what the Left is doing is a recipe for civil war. The tension, division, discourse and outright hate is clear as day. There is no debate anymore. Peoples words are deliberately taken out of context so as to destroy the other side.

These are indisputable facts:
Democrats, Leftists have attacked and assaulted Trump supporters, republicans and conservatives at rallies and political events.
Democrat lawmakers attacked a republican lawmaker on the TX House floor.
Democrat/ Leftist attempted to assassinate republican lawmakers!

It’s clear we are in the LATE 1850’s, we ARE IN a COLD civil war right now. Savage is 100% correct, if Trump is removed from office, “there will be a civil war in this country”…. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

(**Day of the Locust is a book Savage is reading referred to earlier in the segment.)