Dem Senator Wants Undocumented Immigrants Covered by Medicare For All (Video)

Sen Mazie Hirono is supporting Bernie Sanders Medicare For All / single payer bill, and she wants undocumented.. illegal aliens covered under it too. Granted illegals are not paying into anything as it is, so why not include them in this proposed unsustainable entitlement?!

Single payer health care system will never work in this country. How do we know? We’ve already seen govt run health care via the treatment of our veterans in the VA system. How many have died waiting to be seen, or get treatment? We also seen how single payer works across the pond over the Charlie Gard debacle. Some experts argue, and correct me if I am wrong, but the US physician who examined Gard argued had he been properly diagnosed and treated early on he would have survived. The NHS, while not American is the European model of govt controlled health care the Left wants the US to utilize.

NO THANKS and there is no way in HELL illegal aliens should be covered.

Keep in mind democrats/ socialists rant that it is a [human] right while they’re deliberately conflating health CARE and health INSURANCE. By doing this they can justify their calls to include illegal aliens. NO ONE is entitled to health insurance, and NO ONE is denied health care either. I took this photo after recent visit to the ER…

So you see no one is denied health care. Sen Hirono and the democrat party will never admit that this policy exists in almost every medical facility in America. They just want their power and control over all of us.