DREAMers Turn on Visibly Shaken, Fearful Nancy Pelosi (Video)

DREAMers shut Nancy Pelosi down who was clearly rattled, physically shaking, as she pathetically attempted to speak. The very people she has been pandering and coddling turned on her because they not only want AMNESTY for themselves but their whole families… all 11 million of them!

Who didn’t see this coming, leftists eating their own!? What’s even more upsetting and concerning, for ALL Americans, is how people who do not have a legal right to be in America are making demands!

Obviously no one can round-up 11 million illegal aliens, so what do you do with them? You make life difficult for them to function here, where many will leave aka self deport. The system is not broken, we need the immigration laws on the books enforced, stop handing out free stuff and making life easy for illegals to live in America. For those millions who won’t leave here are 10 conditions that must be in any comprehensive immigration bill or All Bets Are Off!